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Our Services

Consumer Loans


This product is specifically designed to address everyday financial needs of the middle- and lower-income level demographics of Sri Lanka in a fast, easy, transparent, convenient and professional way. The process for obtaining this loan is simple, easy to understand and will be released to the customer within 24-hours of receiving their completed application.

Business Loans

Asia Dirimaga

This product is specifically designed to fulfil the financial requirements of small and medium scale entrepreneurs to help them take their business in to next level. We provide a personalized service to maintain customer satisfaction and help them through their business growth by also providing financial and business guidance.

Micro Leasing

Mass Leasing

The Mass Leasing facility offers a hassle-free service to help customers purchase a brand new or used three-wheeler or motorbike for their business or personal use. The facility can be obtained with minimum documentation and offers flexible rates and terms to suit individual customer requirements and financial needs.

Micro Loans


This is our micro finance product founded on the ‘Grameen Concept’. The product is aimed at enabling economically disadvantaged female entrepreneurs to obtain the required financing for developing their home-based business to the next level. In addition to providing a simple and convenient loan facility, the company also helps the customer by providing advice on financial management, business development, marketing and even professional conduct and outlook. The company id asked will also help identify and develop new markets for these customers’ products/services.

Real Estate

Mass Properties

This product has been developed with the express purpose of enabling middle- and lower-income level demographics to turn their dream of owning a home to reality. Through this product, the company offers financial facilities together with assistance in identifying an appropriate land to build you home together with a range of support services including mortgage financial analysis and cost segregation. It is our aim to provide a highly customized and personalized service to help our customers navigate the and competitive real estate market conditions in an efficient and effective manner.

Gold Loans

Mass Gold Loan

This product is designed to be obtained by customers in case of financial emergencies. The company guarantees absolute privacy for your transaction by providing a professional service coupled with easy payment schemes. The product offers the lowest interest rates compared to other similar products in the market and at the end of the loan period return your valuable gold asset in the same condition as when it was given over to our safekeeping. The loan period for this facility can be customized to meet individual customer needs.

Mass Gold Dream

This product is designed to enable obtaining funds to facilitate the purchase of gold jewellery. The facility is convenient, flexible and customized to individual customer requirements.